Assist With Life Stage Transitions (short or Longterm)

At Kingdom Nations Care we empower particpants to understand the funded supports and engage more actively in the community. We use a strategic approach that examines particapant needs, values and goals and through network and planning we are here to assist you to achieve your personal goals and aspirations. Advanced care in managing ongoing support, addressing questions and fostering participants understanding of the plan. Advanced care provides both longterm and short-term support. 

Our supports and services

  • overcoming obstacles to facilitate participant connection with supoort services
  •  building supportive community networks to enhance social and community participation 
  •  residency and lease responsibilites to improve living arrangements
  •  coaching, mentoring, and peer support
  • regarding decsion making daily planning and  budgeting 
  • facilitating links to community supports, networks and coordination of supports
  • strategising for life transition stages involving mentoring and peer support
  • financial coaching and support in budgeting 
  • assistance with decsion-making and daily planning 
  • support coordination to streamline intracacies in support environments
  • strenghtening capabilites and fostering individual skill development


QUOTE: Crisis or transitions reminds us of what matters most - Russell Ballard

NDIS Life Transition Support

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Margaret Mead

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