Community Nursing 

Kingdom Nations Care Community Nursing Program is designed to support participants residing in their home to maintain their health and independance. Within this program participants recieve training on self care practices including health maintenance hygiene and dressing. A medical practioner or registered nurse is assigned to monitor, and review the participants progress and adjust the care plan as needed and with the directives of your GP. 

Services include:

  • nurse visit and evaluation
  • education for participants and their families
  • case management
  • adminstering medication
  • caring for wounds and stomas
  • respiratory assistance
  • guidance and supervision of bladder and bowel 
  • supportive care for comfort and relief
  • management diabetes 
  • post hospitalisation care
  • Education for participants and their families

How do we do this:

We offer community nursing care through the NDIS program. Our team comprises of certified and experienced medical professionals who can provide a consultation in your home without any obligation. For individuals with community nursing care in their NDIS support plan we will assign a dedicated medical staff member who will stay in contact to discuss,  monitor  and offer feedback on your medications, treatment and overall progress. 

  • We will conduct an initial evaluation to assess your present health condition and address any concerns you raise. 
  • Data maybe collected with your consent and a support plan is established and put in place in conjunction with any other health care professionals who are part of your team.  
  • Your care plan will incorporate confidential information that you share with us, such as your schedule or preferred days of availablity for services.


 QUOTE: "Nurses the hearbeat of compassion, the gaurdians of healing"

Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world, for indeed, that's all who ever have.

Margaret Mead

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