Community Participation

Kingdom Nations Care provides assistance wtih community participation fostering connections with others in the community. Our staff can guide you to navigate your surroundings and assist you making new friends which is a fantastic way to build relationships, and make new friends. It enhances self esteem, and confidence, additonally we support participants to work together in groups to achieve various tasks and facilitate working in groups. 

How can we help you and what can you do:

  • attending church or engaging in events 
  • regular outings to the park, beah and cinema
  • dining out for breakfast lunch or dinner
  • aquiring new skills like or refining the existing ones
  • assistance with general shopping or groceries 
  • support for community sports involvement
  • attending the gym and providing support 
  • maintaining connections with your friends and family
  • assitance with a gradual transition into the community 
  • participating in music, arts, drama or dance classes

Contact our community engagement officer for more information on 1300875523

community participation

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