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Daily Life Skills 

The term "disability" is comprehensive, encompassing numerous challenges that individuals encounter as they navigate the complexities of the world. This may involve a physical disability affecting motor functions or mobility, or a cognitive or emotional disability hindering appropriate interaction with the surrounding environment. It could also be a combination of these challenges.

Enhancing additional life skills is key to fostering independence and realizing your aspirations for a fulfilling life. This development is not as straightforward as acquiring an assistive device; it requires time, guidance, motivation, and encouragement to progress towards your goals. However, as you gradually cultivate more life skills, you'll possess a versatile toolkit that empowers you to confront and overcome nearly any obstacle.

If you or your loved one is navigating life with a disability, numerous support services funded by the  National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are readily available to help you lead a fulfilling and enriching life.

How we support 

  • providing personal care,  maintaining, hygiene and overall well-being
  • preparing meals and the up-keep of household chores 
  • developing communications skills for interactions with family, friends, service providers and support networks
  • fostering confidence with yourself and others
  • collaborate closely with family members, caregivers and other service providers to design individual care plans
  • guide you in communication, social skills, and problem-solving skills
  • assist you by engaging with service providers and support networks
  • moving and communitng with transport and travel, including utilising public transport
  • deploy successful strategies to resolve issues ensuring they are safe and manageable.
  • we explore your natural skills and abilities and focus on expanding them 
  • assist you in discovering or aquiring new skills weather its through studies music or art

Life skills emcompass the skills we aquire as we navigate through complexities of a world filled with challenges, expectations, unforseen circumstances and obstacles. Individuals living with the disabilites may encounter distinct experiences having varied exposures of facing different obstacles resulting in a unique set of skills.  





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